Monday, August 16, 2010

Off and pedaling into the sunset

Approximately one year ago I decided to do something positive regarding my health. I wasn't feeling all that bad but I certainly wasn't feeling all that great either. There is no denying that being in better condition would make me feel better and I just decided it was time to do something about my conditioning before it was too late. Karen and I also had just seen the movie "Julie and Julia". The movie is about a girl who decides to cook every recipe in Julia Child's cookbook and blog about the experience. We absolutely loved the movie. It inspired me to start this blog about my attempt to get healthier. I talked about my foods, my exercise, and tracked the results. Now you can only do so much of that so along the way I shared some memories and stories from my past along with a little commentary about life in general. I had no idea how much fun it would become. This experience has been a blast. This blog also has helped me stay in touch and feel more connected to those of you that have been reading this. The renewed connection has been the biggest blessing of all.

I have reached the point where I feel that I've done all I can do here. You can only type " I lost a half of a pound this week" so many times and I've been out of memories and stories for some time now. For the record I weigh 215 today and I am about 70 pounds healthier than I was a year ago. I still feel I have room for improvement and I hope to weigh around 205 pounds before the end of the year. I know you are all supportive of me and that support will serve as my motivation from here on.

I just really want to thank you all for reading along over the past year. You made me be accountable and were such a major factor in any success I have had in my effort to get healthier.

One last time... I'm off and pedaling for now.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Weekly weigh in for 08/07/2010

I roller coastered through the week this time. After gaining 3 pounds over the weekend I ate well most of the week and ended up at 215.2 pounds. That is even with last weeks weight but it is not a gain. I can live with it.

I am playing golf tomorrow and that is great exercise. I hope to actually go through the weekend with a loss this time and carry that through the week for a new low next week. Wish me luck!

I'm off and pedaling for now.

Friday, July 30, 2010

Weekly weigh in for Friday 07/30/10

When is a new low not a bad thing? When you are talking about your weight!

Today I weighed in at 215.2 lbs. That is a new low weight and that is always a great thing to report. I am approaching the one year anniversary of when I decided to get healthier. At this time I am 68 pounds healthier than I was a year ago and that makes me smile.

I'm off and pedaling for now.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Weekly weigh in for 07/23/2010

I think I know why I haven't lost any weight in three weeks. Karen has been on her summer vacation and she has cooked me some wonderful food that I have enjoyed tremendously. It has good and healthy but I may have an additional serving or two or three along the way. I haven't gained any weight and I can live with it for now.

I weighed in at 215.8 this morning. I still hope to get to 210 and there really is no timetable for me to get there.

I'm off and pedaling for now.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Weekly weigh in for 07/16/2010

Well first of all let me state the obvious. I did not weigh in here last week. When I thought of it I wasn't at the computer and when I was near a computer I was not thinking about my weight I guess. I don't have much to report actually. I have gained a couple of pounds each week end and lost them through the next week for the last few weeks. I weighed in at 216.0 this morning so my weight has been flat the last two weeks. No gain is good and I can live with it.

I'm off and pedaling for now.